How To Proof

How to Use Proofing Tool
  1. To access click ‘Proofing‘ at the top menu.

2. Click ‘New Mock Up’ or choose from an existing one.

3. Use the Project ID # for all titles.

5. Add all the details relative to the project. This must be done before publishing the mockup.

6. Mockup Settings: Change any settings for the mockup. Defaults are set for most circumstances.

  • Sharing: You should never choose ‘User has to be logged in’. Password populates a field in the upper right to determine the password needed to view document. In most cases simply sharing the link is best, unless document has sensitive information. You will get the link at a later time.
  • If users want to download the document for proofing, make sure to check the appropriate box.
  • You can determine if already ‘Approved’ artwork can be unapproved.

6. Publish: Once all project info & artwork is uploaded, hit Publish.

7. Forward Email: Once published an email with the proof link will be sent to your email. You simply have to forward this to the email address on file for the project.

8. Viewing Feedback: Hover over each image and click ‘View Image’ to be taken to the Proof Window with all the comments & feedback.

9. Add Versions & More Options: To add a new version, view past versions, or change the proofing page layout, and see other options, hover over the gear icon on each image.

10. View Versions: Click the ‘View Versions’ option on the gear. A timeline with attached artwork for each submitted version will appear on the left. You can click to view any version and select ‘Restore’ if you’d like to restore to that version.

11. More Info: Every time the proof is ‘Updated’ the system will generate an email and send it to your email.

12. Feedback: Creative will be notified of any comments, approvals, or rejections that customer inputs on the specific project proof.

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