Workflow Introduction

Getting Started
  1. All orders should go through the External or Internal order forms.
  2. All your existing tasks / projects are populated on your Inbox page.
  3. You can search through all the projects using the Project Status Feature
  4. Project ID is MM/DD/YYYY – ##. Numbers reset after ’99’.
  5. ‘In Progress’ is default state of internal forms.
    1. Click ‘Update’ to save progress.
    2. Click ‘Complete’ then ‘Update’ to complete workflow step.
  6. It is critical that every step is complete, otherwise workflow triggers will be missed.
  7. All custom artwork designed for project should be delivered to customer via the Production Form.
  8. Do not touch anything below ‘Dev Team’ on the Backend sidebar.
  9. If there are ever any major issues with the website, contact RaisingSails immediately.
Workflow Steps
  1. Customer submits an external form.
  2. Internal form is auto created.
  3. Notification & PDF gets sent to Project Manager (hello@).
  4. Prompts Project Manager to complete internal form (This should be complete ASAP).
    1. Option to send to creative.
    2. Option to send to production.
    3. Option to send customer updated with project cost.
  5. Once ‘Complete’ Project Moves to Production Form.
  6. If Creative is involved, a Creative Process Form is created.
    1. Sends notification & task to Creative.
    2. Adds input, once complete updated Production Form & Notifies Production.
  7. In Production Form, user has the ability to send ‘Ready for Pickup’ email to client before closing out the project.
Looking Ahead
  1. Will add in all Internal Form options.
  2. Unless a critical change is needed, please take notes of questions & desired edits for our next round of revisions. How can we make the process cleaner?
  3. We will update the Inbox layout so it fits your needs better.
  4. We will incorporate the creative approval process more.
  5. We plan to create up-sell campaigns & improved customer call-to-actions.